Close To My Heart

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Customer Service

I have been thinking about this for awhile and decided I was going to share some projects that have enabled me to help others in the areas of customer service, outreach and support.

I believe strongly in customer service. I believe strongly in giving common courtesy to others. I believe strongly in giving compassion and consideration to others that I also expect from others. I know I would like to receive the same respect I give to others as well.

Maybe I am way off base, but who would you rather give your hard earned money to?: The businesses that treat you just as a $$$ or those who truly are in their business to provide service to you.

Some examples I can think of could fall into any of the following categories:

The auto repair shop who just wants your money and treats you as just another dollar bill, or the repair shop that sends you out a thank you card for your patronage of their business.

How about the beauty salon who only treats you as just another diva wanting hair and nails done , or the salon that remembered to send you a card for your birthday with some sort of promotion.

What about the family restaurant that your family visits on a regular basis but half the staff doesn't know your name yet the little dive in the hidden area of town sends an invitation to come celebrate your anniversary ?

How about the toy store owner who treated your child like a nuisance? Or the young girl who came to your door selling toys for college;realized your child had been saving up for a long time and the importance of treasured moments and gave your child a toy at great discount, even at cost to her commission to bring joy to your child's face?

What about the party planner who was so busy promoting themselves at your event forgot to include the kids entertainment as part of the program? Or the new business entrepenuer who remembered that it was your 3rd year in medical school next week and brought in a small cake to help you remember to celebrate the little things?

Some of these situations have happened to me personally and others have happened to my friends. They are indicators of people who truly try to provide "service" to others in all they do.

Isn't our hard earned money worth getting customer service? I know my family and I are on a tight budget due to current economic times and I know we will be giving our repeat business to those businesses and individuals who show us they care by going the extra mile, instead of just treating us as another form of profit for them.

If you are in customer service, and would like some creative ways to reach out to your customers, with something a little more personal, please send me an email at and I may have some suggestions for you.

Until next time, have a great day and remember, customer service is important to everyone from the young and to the old.