Close To My Heart

Thursday, December 24, 2009


These women of style
full of dignity and grace
Each with a beautiful smile
that lights up every place

They each share their story
And nothing but the truth
They've always been there for me
They love parents, families, and especially today's youth

These women who know
How to be true friends
They help others to grow
And are with them until the end

These women you can share
Your deepest of stories
For fame, they do not care
They are not in it for the glory

These friends who know
all relationships must have trust
Honor and Integrity
For them- is a must

They are all more than just a friend
They are each more like a sister
Although we did not come
From the same Mister

They give but do not expect
For with them, it comes from a place of love
For all that each does,
I have a lot of respect

I encourage you to get to know them
For with them you will find
They are all truly amazing
and you can gain peace of mind

They do not expect
to be treated like royalty
They will even tell you
They are just like you and me

Let me just say now
How much they are loved and adored
For without all, I'm not sure how
my journey could be endured

Keep your chin up
keep plugging along
THEY are an amazing examples of
Ladies who are strong

They are each a very special missy
sent by God above
They are my friends: Bev, Cee, Angela, Liberty and Chrissy


  1. Oh my goodness Julia! I just found this now. Your poem brought tears to my eyes thinking of how accurately it describes so many women in our circle and then I got to the end and saw my name and really starting crying!

    You are one of the most caring women I know and it has been such a blessing to be your friend!

  2. Thank you so much Julia! I am truly honored to be included in your Fab Five!

    Everything you said about US can be found in YOU, because friends mirror the best qualities found in each other.

    Love you bunches! <3