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Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Lary

Honor and Integrity is something you possess
With your intelligence & smarts,
You'd be better than the rest
You'd make a great President right from the start

You set an example for others to follow,
You're an inspiration through time and space
You, my friend are far from shallow
You lead the way with dignity and grace

I know the path isn't easy
And sometimes day are long
You are sincere without being cheesy
You help so many others be strong

You shine a light in the darkness
So others are not alone
You really are
In a league of your own

Your strength and courage is something I admire
For friendship finds a home in the heart
Your bravery is something I truly desire
You've been a true friend right from the start

Our thanksgiving show was absolutely the best
You certainly put me to the test
I'll never again think of pie the same way
As I do from the fun we had that day.

You have a light within you
Unlike so many others
I'm so proud to know you
To call you my friend, my family, my brother.

Keep up the great work you do
You make this journey not so scary
In my heart, no other could replace you
This is a sister's loving poem, to her favorite "brother" Lary.

Written by
Julia Moreno
November 12, 2009
FOREVER MOM to Julianna and Joshua

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