Close To My Heart

Thursday, December 24, 2009

NCP Friend Creed

Although you may not be,
With your loved ones on this day,
Their mom you will always be,
For nobody can take that away

For it is the enemy and the deceiver,
Who seeks to destroy our lives.
Remember your own truths,
And do not believe the lies.

For there is love and beauty,
In never giving up hope,
And if you need help really,
Just reach your hand out for a friendly rope.

So many separated from loved ones dear,
Another day, a week, a month, a year.
We must all be there for each other,
Father, sister, Mother, Brother.

Do not give up the fight,
Eventually good people win.
Never give up your right,
To parent your children again.

If you’re feeling a little down,
And maybe a little lonely,
Turn that frown upside down,
And reach out for another friend closely.

We are here to support each other,
No matter what the reason.
We must show unconditional love to another,
At any and all times, not just because of the season.

Just call out to a friend,
Whenever you are in need.
They’ll be there until the end,
For that is TRUE FRIENDSHIP’s creed.

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