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Thursday, December 24, 2009

There is HOPE

There is HOPE
Although the path is long,
And the journey is hard,
You are never alone,
Remember this as you read this card.

There are many more like you,
Who are friends and family,
Who will be here to support you,
We’ve all been there you see.

So while you are going thru the trenches,
And being dragged through the mud,
We’ll be getting off the benches,
With lots of hugs, support and love.

Precious are the moments,
Which we hold in our minds.
As time is stolen away,
And quickly leaving us behind.

We remember our children,
Our little angels so dear.
Our thoughts of love for them through heaven,
Is the only thing keeping them near.

We’ve been robbed of birthdays,
School events, holidays and such.
We can never go on our merry way,
For we miss our children so much.

They may be filled with lies in their sweet little heads,
Lies to place false memories as they lay down to bed.
We hope and pray that the love we gave them from the start,
Will remind them of the truths deep in their heart.

We must always remember to be of strong heart and mind,
For some day we will leave this journey behind.
For our children will not be young forever,
And when the truth is revealed, for it’s then we will treasure.

The love of parent and child restored,
Through faithfulness, trust and hope in the Lord.
For what once was can be again,
For a parent’s eternal love knows no end.

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